Do you have Iron Deficiency?

Yesterday I had a client who was iron deficient & supplementing with an Iron product from the chemist. When I looked up the ingredients of the product it contained Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as a binding agent (among other questionable ingredients). SLS is a detergent guys!! Don’t be putting it on your body, let alone ingesting it.

Just because it’s from the chemist doesn’t mean it’s a good idea! More often than not, these iron supplements are cheap, poorly absorbed and constipating and rarely does the intended job. 

Consult a naturopath, we have years of training in nutritional medicine and the forms of the vitamin or minerals and the binding agents really do matter. 

Also don’t forget - good quality food is always more important than a supplement 😊

Is it my Gut or is it Anxiety?


Does something happen in your digestion and you question "Is that normal"?

Perhaps you struggle to have a bowel motion one day and then the next day you have 3 stools in one day? Perhaps the consistency is fluctuating from hard to a toothpaste like consistency? What about gas? Do you have more of that lately? Bloating? Burning? ... the list goes on.

For those of you that see me for consultation, will know that I love to ask the question: “How is your digestion?” because it gives me great insight into what is happening to your body systemically. If your digestive system isn’t working effectively (and by that I mean having any health issues extending anywhere from your mouth (bad breath?) to your anus (including your poo!) then it will be having a direct impact on the rest of your body.