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Greens at Breakfast?

I love eggs for breakfast. Not just because they taste yummy but also because they are a complete protein, meaning it supplies all of the amino acids to the body first thing in the morning.  By ensuring your breakfast has a good amount of protein in it - we can really support our health and wellbeing in many ways.

Protein will help to stablise our blood sugars, we will stay full for longer, our energy will become more stable and we can keep better focus during the day. It’s also a important part to consider if you are trying to loose a little weight!

Cooking eggs - it doesn't matter really which way you have it. Personally I prefer them scrambled with a little coconut milk or lightly fried in some coconut oil but you also boil them or poach or mix it up throughout the week! 

A side of greens: This image really helps to show you what I mean by greens at breakfast time. In 2011/2012 the Australian Heart Foundation reported that only 8% of Australians are eating the recommended intake of vegetables. Eight percent!!! This is why we need to be trying to get more vegetables into breakfast.

Whilst the eggs are cooking - throw in a side of greens to gentle heat alongside the eggs. Use whatever you have in the fridge! Some of my favourite breakfast options include: Kale, Asparagus, spinach or rainbow chard and snowpeas and then serve it up with a choice of fresh herb just to add some more flavor such as coriander or basil. If I have sweet potatoe left over from dinner then I will have that too. Tastes even better the next day.