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My favourite healthy breakfast recipes

As a nutritionist, I assess each client's food intake at each consultation and I have to say that across the board- breakfast is consistently the meal that most clients struggle to make a healthy choice. From choosing boxed cereals (either the high sugar kinds in 'healthy' packaging) to ones like Weet-bix which lack protein, or to those that opt to skip the meal altogether! 

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and I believe if we really focus on getting breakfast right- we can both improve your nutrient status AND improve your energy levels, help to regulate blood sugars, reduce sugar cravings across the day and improve your mood. Seems too simple? 

Here are my top 6 breakfast options to help you get the day started right!  

1. 2 eggs (poached, fried or scrambled) with a side of Greens

Eggs really are the perfect protein at breakfast time. I find they help to stablise blood sugars, keeping me full for longer, produces a stable energy for focus during the day and reduce brain fog. It’s definitely a favourite when trying to loose a little weight too!
Try cooking the eggs in a little coconut oil (spray or ½ tsp.) on medium heat and then as it is cooking,throw in a side of greens to gentle heat alongside the eggs. Some options include: Kale, Asparagus, spinach or rainbow chard and then serve it up with a choice of fresh herb just to add some more flavor such as coriander or basil.

2. Two Ingredient Pancakes      
This is another great egg recipe combined with a banana! It is delicious when you feel like a treat in the mornings without all the sugar. Try topping it with some cinnamon and/or Coconut yoghurt and berries for an extra treat.

3. Homemade gluten free granola
This recipe is a combination of quinoa flakes,nuts and seeds meaning it is full of protein and good fats, so you won't need a lot of this cereal to satisfy your hunger. This Granola is much better for you than the packaged cereals out there on so many levels including nutrition and low in sugar.  If you don’t have a sweet tooth at all – just omit the sweetener and add some passion fruit or berries when serving. I serve it with coconut milk, which tastes great.

4. Green smoothie
I love getting my clients who never eat breakfast started on smoothies. It’s a really great option when your stomach isn’t used to eating food early in the mornings and it will help with your energy, brain focus and hydration all at the same time. Its also great on those hot summer days! This is my all time favourite smoothie that most clients love.

5. Winter warmer
The humble old quinoa flakes, whilst very good for you,(high protein and gluten free) taste pretty bland on their own.I prefer to combine it with a serving of vanilla protein powder (I use a vegan Pea Protein called Vital Pea Protein) and then top it with a choice of nuts/ seeds/ buckwheat groats and some winter fruit such as pear. Tastes delicious!

6. Chia Pudding  
I love chia pudding because it is so versatile. You can eat it for breakfast or dessert and you can also make enough to last you a few days. This is a great option for very busy people who leave the house early or busy mums. All you need to do is add the fruit in the morning. It has many benefits including high amounts of omega 3 oils so it is anti-inflammatory and is high in fibre so it will keep you full and the bowel's regular. 

I recommend trying some of these recipes over the next 3 weeks and see what a difference it can make. I look forward to hearing how you go! 
In health,